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Deliver exceptional broadcast experiences
Dolby leads the way in continually advancing the sciences of imaging and sound for an evolving broadcast world. You can rely on our innovative and practical end-to-end solutions to meet the growing expectations of consumers.

Broadcast tools and technologies

Look to Dolby for the comprehensive tools, content services, and solutions you need to create, distribute, and deliver the highest-quality audio and imaging content. Our technologies expand your capabilities and simplify your workflows. We help you prepare for the future while maintaining legacy compatibility.

  • Dolby Atmos: Give consumers breathtaking Dolby Atmos® audio to enhance home entertainment. Deliver moving audio that puts viewers right in the action for live-event broadcast, on-demand and linear TV, streaming, and hybrid delivery.

  • Dolby AC-4: A key component of the Dolby Audio™ system, Dolby® AC-4 delivers new immersive and personalized sound experiences. It combines state-of-the-art bandwidth efficiency and powerful playback customisation to provide an optimal listening experience, however and wherever you choose to listen . Adopted in specifications from ETSI, ATSC3.0, DVB and HbbTV, Dolby AC-4 is the audio solution for next-generation broadcast and IP content delivery.

  • Dolby Digital Plus: This unifying broadcast audio technology delivers the definitive surround sound experience for broadcast and multiscreen delivery workflows to devices from home theaters to TVs, set-top boxes (STBs), and mobile. We provide tools and products for content creators, sound engineers, content distributors, head-end solutions vendors, and device manufacturers.

  • Dolby Multistream Decoder MS12: The Dolby Multistream Decoder MS12 provides TV, set-top box, and IC manufacturers with a single-package solution for decoding Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby AC-4, and premium audio content worldwide for delivery through broadcast, file-based services, OTT/VOD services, and pay TV. 

  • Dolby Vision: Our end-to-end imaging solution delivers an eye-opening true-to-life viewing experience, revealing on-screen the rich detail and vivid colors we see in nature, just as the content creator intended. Dolby Vision® includes tools for content creation, delivery, and playback.


For broadcasters and pay-TV operators 

Take a leading position in the rollout of UHD video with support for premium immersive audio. Position your network for the future with next-generation broadcast technologies and experiences, and give consumers access to the premier immersive sound experience. 

Enable the delivery of the rapidly growing list of premium content available in Dolby Atmos, and take a leadership position in delivering immersive audio for live sports to draw fans closer to the action and the experience on the field. 


For professional solutions and equipment providers

Position your products for the future by making them ready for next-generation broadcast technologies and experiences. Leverage the work that you have already done to support Dolby Audio™ in your products and extend your support for Dolby Audio to Dolby Atmos. 

Supporting Dolby Atmos primes your products for the next era in audio, giving broadcasters and OTT operators the flexibility to deliver the best home entertainment experiences now and into the future.