Getting licensed

Thank you for your interest in Dolby Laboratories. To apply for a license to include Dolby technologies in your products, please follow these instructions.

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If you are an existing Dolby Licensee, please contact your sales manager.

If you are unsure who your sales manager is, please reach out to


Step 1: Submit application

Complete the following application form to indicate your interest in a Dolby license.

The license application will ask a series of questions regarding the account and contact information, as well as the technology and product information — taking about 10 minutes to complete. Please be prepared to provide financial information about your company.


Step 2: Sign agreement and access technical deliverables

Dolby will send you a contract to complete — review, sign, and return the contract with the initial license fee. We will then send you the requested technology; marketing, testing, and implementation tools; and other important information about working with Dolby.


Step 3: Product testing submission and approval

Submit your product or implementation containing Dolby technology for testing to ensure that it meets our quality standards. Upon approval, your company becomes an official Dolby Licensee. You will be added to the Dolby Licensee list so you can work with other Dolby Licensees to buy or sell implementations.


Other agreement programs


Cinema Content Services

If you want to create a Dolby theatrical soundtrack for your feature film and utilize Dolby branding on the promotional material, or enquire about Dolby Atmos Feature Studio Certification, visit Dolby Content Services to begin your application.


Licensed Dolby Manufacturers

Use this list to verify that consumer electronics products you purchase bearing the Dolby logo and trademark are genuinely licensed by Dolby Laboratories.

Licensed Dolby Manufacturers



Statement Regarding the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0

Please see here.