Dolby System 133 Screen Channel Speaker

Dolby System 133 Screen Channel Speaker

Superior coverage. Lower distortion. Deeper bass.


The Dolby System 133 is one of our newest speaker innovations. The speaker features a proprietary asymmetrical dual-entrant horn to deliver consistent audio coverage and uniform volume shading for every seat in the venue, including Dolby Atmos® rooms up to approximately 124 feet (37.8 m) in depth.

Utilizing custom compression-driver technology, superior enclosure design and higher-quality woofers, the Dolby System 133, consisting of (1) CS136MH and (1) CS136LF, yields greater intelligibility and enhanced low-frequency extension.

With intuitive ergonomic design and features, the Dolby System 133 allows for quick, easy installation and service. Built on the foundation of Dolby’s industry-leading system design and support philosophy, the Dolby System 133 provides elevated PLF performance and streamlines speaker integration.

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