Dolby CaptiView

Dolby CaptiView

  • Give every guest a spectacular experience

Dolby® CaptiView is a personal in-theater closed captioning system for hearing-impaired movie audiences. Closed captions are transmitted to a CaptiView receiver over wireless frequencies. A single USB transmitter plugs into the server to create a no-hassle installation, and it requires no additional booth hardware. With an 80-meter (242 feet) signal range, Dolby CaptiView can be used from any seat in the house.


The Dolby CaptiView viewing device consists of a small OLED display on a bendable support arm that fits into a theater seat cup holder. The easy-to-read screen is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 16 hours per charge. The high-contrast display includes a privacy visor so it can be positioned directly in front of the movie patron with minimal distraction to neighboring patrons.


Dolby CaptiView is economically priced to allow the cinema owner to outfit one hundred percent of the multiplex.


Can interface with Dolby AccessLink to allow use with non-Dolby servers and legacy Dolby DSP/DSS servers.

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Supported character sets

  • Latin 1 (Latin alphabet languages used in the Americas, Western Europe, Oceania, and much of Africa)
  • Latin 2 (Central or Eastern European Latin alphabet languages such as Albanian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, and others)
  • Latin 5 (Cyrillic alphabet languages such as Bulgarian, Belarusian, Russian, Serbian and Macedonian)

*Excluding legacy Dolby DSS servers


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