SLS 3-Axis Speaker MA480AS

SLS 3-Axis Speaker MA480AS

  • Superior sound distribution for larger auditoriums

The SLS MA480AS is a high-power two-way loudspeaker, providing pan, tilt, and rotation capabilities for larger cinemas and auditoriums. The SLS MA480AS provides an 80° vertical x 80° - 130° asymmetrical horizontal dispersion pattern for more uniform coverage in all seating locations across the auditorium or theatre. Featuring a 400 W, 12” coaxial full-range speaker and passive crossover, the MA480AS is housed in a spherical-shaped molded enclosure that enables quick installation and easy three-axis aiming for fulfilling Dolby Atmos® aiming configurations. The MA480AS was designed primarily for Dolby Atmos® top surround applications but can also be used for side surrounds in some cases. The MA460AS is also available if a 60°V x 60° - 150°H asymmetric dispersion pattern is desired.

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