SLS 218-I Installation Subwoofer System

SLS 218-I Installation Subwoofer System

The 218-I is a dual 18” vented subwoofer, designed with a small front surface area for installation against walls and under stages with minimal sightline issues.


The subwoofer cabinet has integrated rigging points allowing the cabinet to be suspended from the ceiling or side wall making it perfect for use as a bass management surround speaker in Dolby Atmos® rooms.


For floor mounting the subwoofer also ships with (4) rubber feet that can be placed anywhere on the cabinet. This allows you to orient the subwoofer on the ground on any of the available five sides.


The 18” drivers used in the 218-I have a Neo magnet structure for light weight and a high-temperature voice coil with a large Xmech rating for reliable operation.

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