Dolby license application form

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Company information                                 

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Market and technology information           

Consumer Products Information                  

Professional Products Information             

Implementation Information                        

Consumer Product and Implementation Information

As part of the licensing process, Dolby will require Licensee to implement a security mechanism to protect and control the distribution of the licensed technology. Licensee will need to submit to Dolby a description of such mechanism for Dolby approval and complete a detailed security questionnaire, which will be provided to you during the licensing application process.

Section A: Consumer Product Information               

Section B: Implementation information                   

Financial Statements

DESCRIPTION: Please attach audited financial statements for your company's most recent fiscal year end. Dolby certifies that these financial statements will be held in strict confidence and will only be used for evaluation of creditworthiness.

You can skip this step, but you will have to submit the financial statements at a later point of time.

NDA Acknowledgement Agreement


DESCRIPTION: You hereby acknowledge and confirm that the licensing information you are requesting contains sensitive information about Dolby's licensing practices and pricing policies. You hereby agree that any and all information supplied to you be Dolby pursuant to the license application process, including but not limited to information regarding Dolby's standard licensing terms and conditions, pricing information, patent lists, product specifications, licensing deliverables, and product road maps, is, and shall remain, confidential and proprietary to Dolby. You may not disclose any such Dolby confidential information to third party or exploit any Dolby confidential information without Dolby's prior written permission. Please select the "I AGREE" checkbox to acknowledge your acceptance of these terms and continue your application process.