Dolby Content Services

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Consultants from Dolby support directors, exhibitors, and other industry professionals to deliver the best possible sound experience to audiences worldwide. From soundtrack mastering to on-site support at film festivals, Dolby Content Services knows what it takes to ensure top-quality sound for your movies.

The experts in cinema sound

If you work in film, you know the importance of audio post-production. Great sound elevates the cinema experience, and it should never be left to chance.

But even a perfect studio mix can falter on its way to the theater. Dolby® Content Services offers the assurance that what you hear in the final mix makes it to the theater — and to your audience — intact.

Dolby pioneered multichannel sound for the cinema and has contributed to numerous technical standards, including those for picture and sound synchronization and audio reference levels. The Dolby Content Services team draws on this technical expertise and the experience that comes from assisting thousands of filmmakers on thousands of movies.


Motion picture soundtrack mastering service

Dolby motion picture sound formats now include Dolby® Digital 5.1, Dolby® Surround 7.1, and Dolby Atmos®. To ensure that soundtracks using these formats replay consistently in theaters worldwide as envisioned by the director, Dolby has established standardized sound replay conditions for mixing studios and cinemas.

We also provide, through our Motion Picture Service Agreements, direct mastering support for every film that uses our technologies. Our Dolby Content Services team includes more than 100 consultants and engineers working in approved dubbing studios around the globe.

The soundtrack mastering service Dolby offers doesn't stop in the dubbing studio. We assign a member of our team to each production for:

  • Verification of dubbing theatre alignment — critical in allowing the sound mixing staff to make consistently accurate artistic decisions
  • Technical evaluation of the soundtrack and work with mix teams to ensure that each mix translates accurately to the cinema
  • Checking the first copy of the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) or 35 mm print to verify that it meets suitable quality standards for duplication

The Motion Picture Service Agreement also includes use of the Dolby logo in feature film credits and for promotional purposes.

Whether you already have a distribution deal in place or are still looking for a suitable partner, the Dolby logo stamps your production with a mark of quality that's recognized across the industry and with audiences everywhere.


Premier Studio Certification

To aid film producers and directors in identifying dubbing studios that have superior equipment, acoustics, and competence, Dolby has established a Premier Studio Certification program in many parts of the world. The program measures technical excellence at every level of a studio's operation, and facilities that earn Dolby Premier Studio Certification are able to use a special logo in credits and advertising.

Room acoustics, monitoring standards (visual as well as audio), equipment selection, installation standards, synchronization accuracy, mixing competence, and technical experience are all measured and evaluated as part of the certification process. The standards are based on our research and the vast experience of studio engineers who have worked all over the world producing multichannel film soundtracks.

Locate studios that meet the requirements of the Dolby Premier Studio Certification program.

Note: This program is not available in the United States and Japan.


Dolby Atmos Premier Studio Certification

Dolby Atmos Premier Studio Certification builds on our Premier Studio Certification to include our latest theatrical sound format as a key requirement.

Studios that meet the requirements of the Dolby Atmos Premier Studio Certification program are able to use a special logo in credits and advertising, and receive a Dolby Atmos trophy and framed certificate. Existing studios with Premier Studio Certification, Dolby Approved Studios, and new dubbing studios can apply for Dolby Atmos Premier Studio Certification.

For more details on the program, contact us. A range of documentation is available, including all the necessary technical specifications and calculations, as well as step-by-step procedures for application.

Note: This program is not available in the United States and Japan.


Digital cinema screening services

Expanding on our traditional Dolby screening services for 35 mm soundtracks, we now offer the complete package of equipment and engineering support for digital cinema screenings, including special one-off events, film festivals, marketing screenings, and premieres.

We can arrange the installation of a server system (the Dolby Digital Cinema presentation system) and a digital cinema projector, and perform on-site alignment of all technical aspects, including both picture and sound.

At Dolby offices in New York, Burbank, and the United Kingdom, you can access state-of-the-art facilities and a full spectrum of professional cinema services.


Screening Rooms

Our state-of-the-art screening facilities in Burbank, New York and London can be rented out for special screenings by the hour or by the day. Each screening room features a 4K Dolby Vision projection system and Dolby Atmos sound. The Dolby 24 screening room in New York can also accommodate 35mm playback and QC.


Digital Cinema Mastering Service

Dolby has established digital cinema mastering suites at our offices in Burbank, New York, and London to produce the master Digital Cinema Package (DCP). These suites have all the necessary equipment and expertise for top-quality video encoding, audio processing, subtitle packaging, security encryption, and content packaging (MXF wrapping). Quality control is performed at all stages using 4K Dolby Vision projectors in the screening rooms at each facility.


Project Laboratory

Dolby's project laboratories can assist with the creation and playback of a wide array of formats, including Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos for Music as well as all standard video formats to help meet your toughest technical issues.

Whether it’s a private event or opening night, you want every screening to be a success. Dolby Content Services provides the support necessary to ensure that all your presentations meet the highest standards for picture and sound.


Sound Calibration

Dolby pioneered multichannel sound in the cinema, and our experience handling all sound formats (digital, 35 mm, and file- or tape-based playback) is unrivaled. Working within the capabilities of a venue's sound system, we calibrate playback for optimum results. We also check and align digital and analog sound readers for 35 mm screenings, and we assess the quality of the print as required.


Picture Calibration

In addition to calibrating audio playback, Dolby Content Services consultants can also check the cinema picture (2D or 3D) to see whether it meets industry standards for brightness and color balance. We also verify that the image is correctly framed and focused, and is in perfect sync with the soundtrack.


Support for Film Festivals

A film festival presents technical and logistical challenges for organizers and participants alike. The Dolby Content Services team provides comprehensive support to festivals worldwide, including the Tribeca, Sundance, Toronto International, Berlin International (Berlinale), Cannes International, and Venice International film festivals.

The services we provide to these and other festivals include:

  • Engineering Screening Support
    Assistance with all aspects of image and sound to help ensure excellent presentation quality for your screenings—everything from assessing equipment needs beforehand to providing on-call support during the festival.

  • Engineering Support and Videotape Recording Audio Interfacing
    Professional engineering support to check tape setup for correct sound and image synchronization, audio channel routing, picture setup, and overall interfacing.

  • Engineering Support and Digital Cinema Server
    Installation of a Dolby Digital Cinema server at your venue, connection of it to a third-party cinema projector and existing sound system, and calibration to ensure correct DCP playback of image and sound in 2D or any current 3D cinema format.

  • Engineering Support, Cinema Server, and Projector Rental
    Installation and calibration of digital cinema (2D or 3D) at a nondigital cinema.

What happens at the lab affects what audiences experience in the theatre. For small releases and blockbusters alike, Dolby Content Services works to eliminate defects and monitor quality from manufacturing through distribution.


Digital Cinema Package Quality Control

Dolby provides worldwide quality-assurance services for postproduction and distribution clients prior to the release of trailers, shorts, features, advertisements, trade promos, and large-format venue or signature films.

Our engineers scrutinize both image and sound quality from original digital content to domestic and international DCPs.

The Dolby Content Services team has in-depth knowledge of digital cinema technology and print manufacturing workflow. This knowledge—combined with constant communication between our field representatives, in-house staff, laboratory personnel, and postproduction and studio clients—has enabled us to work with the same clients for more than 35 years on hundreds of titles per year.


Optical Camera Certification

The optical camera transfer stage of a film's soundtrack production is a critical process and requires careful control. Because problems at this stage can affect proper playback of both the analog and Dolby Digital soundtracks, we offer an annual service to align and check the quality of the optical sound camera installation.

Note: This service is not available in the United States.