Working in HDR with the team from Lost in Space

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Tune in to Part 3 of this webinar series that brings you an in-depth introduction and overview of HDR, Wide Color Gamut, and Metadata creation from on-set to in the home. In this session, hear from cinematographer Sam McCurdy BSC and senior colorist Siggy Ferstl as they discuss their experience working in HDR. Led by Tom Graham of Dolby, this interview explores the process that they followed to capture and deliver the look and feel of the Netflix series Lost in Space. This session covers a number of topics including: How to look at and utilize the expanded set of creative tools that HDR offers from camera testing to production, the importance of monitoring and metering for HDR, Sam’s experience on 5 HDR projects, and the key learnings he gained from each experience and how HDR expands the creative control of DPs and colorists.