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The Dolby screening room in the heart of midtown Manhattan provides advanced digital imaging and sound for your next film screening, corporate presentation, or private event.

Dolby 88 offers advanced imaging and sound with space to host guests before and after your event.

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Screening Room Features


Enjoy an experience tailored to your needs, including screenings, corporate events, or content creation.

Advanced imaging and immersive audio

Dolby 88 provides you with the dramatic imaging of Dolby Vision on a large screen, full Dolby Atmos playback, and seating for up to 88 guests.

Easy access

This Plaza District location is easy to access, with transit, entertainment, shopping, cultural, and fine dining choices nearby.

Book Dolby 88

Contact us to discuss your screening or event needs, and book a slot in our schedule.

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Screening room location
1350 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2400
New York, NY 10019-4703
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Dolby screening rooms

Find a Dolby screening room near you. Create, review, and screen content or enjoy private events in spaces built for professionals.
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