November 21, 2019

Warner joins in support of Dolby Atmos Music

by Tim Pryde

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The Dolby Atmos Music catalog is growing fast

Today, we officially announced that Warner Music Group will support Dolby Atmos Music. Alongside our growing list of tracks in Dolby Atmos from Universal Music Group, the Warner catalog supports an accelerated availability of Dolby Atmos Music experiences. This is a huge milestone on a project we have been working on for the last few years. As a musician myself, I understand how powerful and emotional it can be to hear your music played back the way you envisioned it. The immersive music experience of Dolby Atmos resonates deeply with creatives and consumers alike. Thanks to partnerships with Warner and UMG the Dolby Atmos Music catalog is full of relevant tracks spanning all genres from hip-hop, pop, electronic and rock through jazz and classical music.

Empowering the artists behind the tracks

Dolby’s guiding principles are to empower creativity, self-expression, and a shared belief that people are moved and compelled by immersive experiences. Our actions have followed this principle for over fifty years, starting with Dolby’s initial noise reduction innovations for magnetic audio tape recordings. We are building upon this legacy today, eliminating the constraints of mono and stereo audio for a vastly expanded creative palette through Dolby Atmos Music.


We are working closely with artists to add Dolby Atmos® into their existing workflows to simplify the adoption of this new technology. Through our integration with leading digital audio workstations such as Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg Nuendo and our set of plug-ins for Logic, Ableton, and Pro Tools on Mac coming soon, we are making the tools intuitive so artists can easily mix existing songs or create new songs in Dolby Atmos. I should know. I use our tools with my own music to make sure they are user friendly and robust. Our goal is to make Dolby Atmos available to creatives across the professional spectrum, from today’s hitmakers to tomorrow’s rising talent.


Hundreds of studios have been designed and certified to support Dolby Atmos content creation including iconic studios like Abbey Road Studios in London, Capitol Studios in Hollywood and Blackbird Studios in Nashville. This will make it easy for artists who want to work in this new technology and will help build a solid pipeline of Dolby Atmos Music.

A deeper connection with artists and songs

Music helps us better understand ourselves and our deepest emotions. It connects us with others’ most intimate stories and allows us to explore our identity through them. With the immense emotional capacity of music, the potential of Dolby Atmos is clear to me. Our announcement today marks a key next step in this journey. You can now listen to some of the world’s biggest artists in Dolby Atmos and can hear some of your favorite songs in ways you never knew were possible. This is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for new tracks dropping soon — you won’t want to miss them.

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