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Optimize your content for every screen

Today’s media workflows require creating dozens of different versions of every piece of content. These come in various sizes, bit rates, languages, and formats. They run the gamut from cinema to OTT and target audiences watching on theater and TV screens, as well as desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. That’s where Hybrik comes in. Hybrik makes video transcoding and QC faster, easier, and more cost-effective, so you can get the job done  — and done right — no matter how massive your workload. Companies like Sony, Paramount, HBO, and Deluxe trust Hybrik with all their workflow needs.

Generate all the files you need 

Hybrik lets you quickly and easily generate all the files you need, using unparalleled transcoding and media technologies including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

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Ensure every file is perfect

It’s critical to ascertain that each file you deliver meets your high standards. So, every Hybrik subscription comes with our leading-edge media analysis and quality control tools — at no extra cost.

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Take the mystery out of budgeting — with a simple subscription

You already know that a cloud-native media processing solution like Hybrik will eliminate up-front capital investments and ongoing infrastructure and maintenance costs for on-premise equipment and software. But most cloud media processing vendors make it tricky for you to budget, with complex pricing schemes that require a special calculator to figure out. Hybrik makes it easy for you to understand and control your costs, because rather than charging by GB or minutes, we simply charge a flat monthly fee to manage your transcoding environment. And because Hybrik works inside your cloud account, where you already store your content, there are no costs or risks associated with transferring your media to some other data center — and no mark-up for additional machine costs. In fact, Hybrik is typically 10x more cost effective than other alternatives. Plus you can scale your Hybrik plan, at any time, to meet your needs as they grow or change.

Learn why transcoding with Hybrik will save you money — and how much it will save your organization as compared to the alternatives.

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Trust the choice of the world’s largest media companies

Dolby technology is the industry’s choice for creating and experiencing amazing content. So, it’s no surprise that the world’s largest media creation, production, and distribution companies trust Hybrik to optimize their content for consumption across the expansive universe of devices and screens. Hybrik not only maximizes quality while minimizing costs, it also safely ensures that your organization’s own standards and security protocols are maintained. That’s because — unlike most other cloud media processors that require you to send your content to their installations — the Hybrik API sends our media processing engine to your content. With Hybrik, all the actual media processing takes place right in your own cloud account.

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Maximize your media with superior transcoding

Developed by award-winning industry experts, the Dolby Hybrik transcoding engine generates optimized output for every experience — from theaters to phones.

Deliver outstanding quality

Hybrik transcoding helps you look and sound your best with multi-pass encoding and world-class Dolby technologies. Dolby Vision® gives you vibrant, lifelike color while Dolby Atmos® delivers outstanding multidimensional sound.


Get ultimate control over every detail 

Hybrik gives you one of the most powerful transcoding toolsets on the market, including ABR (adaptive bit-rate encoding), HDR color space transformation, standards conversion, subtitles, captioning, JSON-driven API for advanced media workflow configuration, and much more. Our state-of-the-art feature set is future-proofed with monthly updates.

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Accelerate speed

Fast and efficient, Hybrik transcoding speeds through even the heaviest, enterprise workloads. Because Hybrik transcodes your media in your own secure cloud account, no time is wasted uploading files to another data center for processing. Our segmented encoding approach and parallel processing support can enable content to be delivered at up to 100x real-time. Individual files can also be split across multiple machines to accelerate even the most complex workflows like UHD and HDR outputs. You’ll also reduce time to market thanks to the integrated media analysis and automated QC you’ll get as part of your Hybrik subscription.

Learn about Hybrik QC


Increase productivity

Completely customizable encoding profiles help you match any requirement. Our dashboard-style job console lets you monitor your entire encoding platform, allowing you to see job and task queues, make configuration changes to encoding profiles, view performance and usage statistics, and much more. Convenient features like watch folders and SNS alerts save you time and effort.


Maintain security

Hybrik supports Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and IBM COS, mitigating risk by maintaining the security protocols you already have in place in your own secure cloud account.


Handle any size workload

Unlimited scalability gives you on-demand access to the processing power of thousands of machines.


Save money

Massively cut your CDN and storage costs by delivering best-in-class picture quality at the lowest bit rates. Learn why transcoding with Hybrik will save you money — and how much it will save your organization compared to the alternatives.

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Save time, effort, and cost with integrated media analysis and quality control

When you’re generating files for so many different types of screens, it’s literally impossible to manually review them all for quality and compliance. Hybrik QC automation can take care of labor-intensive tasks for you. And, best of all, Hybrik QC comes with your subscription at no added cost, already integrated with the transcoding workflow.

Deliver your content with confidence

Hybrik is industry-proven to ensure that every file you create delivers the best experience for each audience. You’ll get started instantly with the intuitive interface. Plus Hybrik automatically generates complete QC reports featuring easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and images.


Customize your QC workflow

Whatever your workflow process, Hybrik QC can be adapted to meet your needs. Hybrik QC can automatically compare the quality of its output to your input. We can help you customize templates to automatically identify any content that doesn’t meet requirements.


Preview without waiting for downloads and fix flaws on the fly

Hybrik QC includes a media player, so you’ll always have manual review options — when and where you want them — right in the cloud. Instantly review any type of file, no matter how large. Then quickly and easily fix any issues you find using tools built into the intuitive QC player interface.


Get comprehensive analysis and QC features

Hybrik gives you an arsenal of analysis, detection and quality tests for video, audio, file containers, and ABR packages. Compare video or audio files using Netflix VMAF, SSIM, or PSNR to determine their similarity level and whether a particular encode meets target quality standards. View file metadata including size, format, duration, tracks, and more, including detailed information about bit rates, channels, and languages.

View our QC feature list


Integrate, customize, and manage Hybrik with ease

Our API makes Hybrik easy to integrate into your enterprise workflows.

Manage every element of your workflow

It’s easy to integrate our RESTful API. The Hybrik API lets you define every aspect of your ideal workflow: transcoding, quality control, conditional processing, data transfers, etc. When defining transcodes through the API, users can reference pre-configured presets or explicitly define the complete encode pipeline. The API uses JSON structures to define each element.


Get all the support you need

Check out our extensive documentation, tutorials, and code examples online at any time — even before you become a Hybrik subscriber. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hybrik team for assistance.

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Trust the choice of the world's leading media companies

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