Dolby’s speech-gating reference code

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Dolby's speech-gating reference code is now available as a free download.

Accurate loudness estimation is an important element of any broadcast chain. It allows a broadcaster to regulate program loudness, which minimizes the viewer's annoyance as loudness levels shift between programs, advertisements, and channels.

Dolby's approach to this problem is Dialogue Intelligence™, a speech-gating technology that measures loudness only on the segments of a program that contain dialogue. This is effective because:

  • Content creators typically set dialogue at a fixed level and mix other content around it.
  • Viewers typically adjust their television volume controls according to the audibility and intelligibility of dialogue.

To enable you to create and integrate the most effective loudness measurement solutions for your situation, we are offering the reference code for the algorithm behind our unique Dialogue Intelligence as a free download. Dolby® also offers an enhanced loudness measurement program that includes optimized code for Dialogue Intelligence and the main loudness measurement algorithms, access to technical support, and use of appropriate Dolby trademarks.

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