Project ReX

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Training Signup 

Register using your Dolby email address in the Databricks customer academy webpage (

Do not use your Dolby password.

Pre-requisite Training

To be completed by 12/31/23

Introduction to Python on Databricks

Introduction to Apache Spark Programming

*You will need to use your registered Dolby email address to access Apache Spark Programming training.


To be completed by 31/3/24

Scalable Machine Learning on Databricks 

Deep Learning with Databricks

Core Group Training

Coming soon

Ad-Hoc Group Training

Coming soon

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How to

Create a new notebook.

  1.  Navigate to all the notebooks/repos you have access to as below.



Each user has a Personal Folder named as their Dolby email.


2. Navigate to the catalogs/schemas/tables.

3. Create a new Untitled Notebook.


Manage your compute resources

  1. Navigate to button 4 as shown above. You will now see this UI.



 1. Cluster name, should be the `<user email>'s Cluster'`
 2. Pick the predefined policy for your job(s)
 3. Access type, defines who can use this cluster, if it's set up to Single User only the specified user can use this cluster
 4. Defines the user that can use the cluster (only available for single user access mode)
 5. Databricks version, should always be set to the latest LTS
 6. Type of compute being used, will be limited by the cluster policy (allow list of worker types)
 7. Range of nodes to be used, defined in the predefined cluster policy
 8. Terminate after, will be set up to 10/15 minutes of inactivity by default – Do not change.


Importing DBC files

The DBC files which you may see in the course ware are example notebooks for the exercises you will be completing. This is how you import DBC files in the UI -


To contact us about account issues email us.

For general questions please get in touch via Teams.