Dolby 3D

Dolby 3D

Dolby® 3D differs from other 3D cinema technologies and provides an experience completely faithful to what the movie‚Äôs creators envisioned. Dolby 3D uses a unique full-spectrum color technology that provides extremely crisp, clear images. Dolby 3D glasses are durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. The reusable design lasts for hundreds of uses. Note: Dolby Xenon 3D Movie Systems were withdrawn from sale June 30, 2018. Dolby 3D Glasses for Xenon Movie Systems are still available for sale.   

  • Comfortable fit over prescription glasses

  • Wraparound sides ensure a snug, comfortable fit

  • Modern industrial design, with durable materials and construction

  • The Sensormatic® tag is compatible with common antitheft systems

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Dolby 3D For 6P Laser Projection

Dolby 3D uses advanced color-separation technology to deliver a superior 3D experience for next-generation laser projection. It delivers high light efficiency, crisp images, and vibrant colors to provide a superior 3D viewing experience for audiences. Dolby 3D glasses for 6P laser projection are optimized for each projector. Please contact your Dolby Sales representative or your laser-projector manufacturer for ordering information for compatible Dolby 3D glasses.

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