Dolby Accessibility Solution

Dolby Accessibility Solution

Give every guest a spectacular Dolby experience


The Dolby Accessibility Solution is a complete and versatile cinema accessibility solution that is easy for exhibitors to install and maintain, and simple for customers to use. The Dolby Accessibility Solution integrates hearing impaired (HI) amplified audio, visually impaired narrative (VI-N) audio, and closed captions (CC) in real time on a single dedicated receiver. Dolby Accessibility Solution allows exhibitors to make their rooms accessible to all hard of hearing or visually impaired customers.


The Dolby Accessibility Solution works by wirelessly streaming HI audio, VI-N audio, and CC from any digital cinema package (DCP) that contains accessible content, avoiding synchronization issues associated with cloud-based solutions. The Dolby Accessibility Solution receivers can be configured to provide either CC display, HI audio on both ears, CC display and HI audio simultaneously, VI-N audio on both ears, or HI audio on the left ear and VI-N audio on the right ear at the same time. These configurations allow guests to choose the experience they prefer. The Dolby Accessibility Solution consists of a server that connects to your digital cinema server and a single Wi-Fi router that provides coverage for the receivers to be used from any seat in the auditorium. For especially large auditoriums, more than one Wi-Fi router can be used.

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