Dolby Audio gives Lenovo PCs and tablets superior sound

In the hotly contested PC and tablet markets, Dolby Audio helps set Lenovo models apart.

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Products that adapt to you

Lenovo® has launched one innovative product after another – products that advance the ways in which people can interact with technology. For instance, the YOGA laptop line combines the advantages of notebooks and tablets in convertible configurations that easily adapt to your needs throughout the day.

Superior audio capabilities are important to this versatility. Lenovo wants to deliver the best possible sound so that videos, movies, music, and games all deliver a more compelling experience across Lenovo PC and tablet product lines.


Dolby Audio provides the solution

Dolby Audio™ provides complete audio solutions for Lenovo. Dolby and Lenovo worked closely together to custom-tune each device model to maximize the performance of the built-in speakers. Even when the audio source is less than stellar, the Lenovo devices deliver high-quality sound.

"We've talked to our customers, and having a great audio experience is very important for our consumers," states Dilip Bhatia, VP of Global PC Design and Marketing at Lenovo. "We felt Dolby provided a fantastic experience and their technologies were ideally suited for our customers, and we've partnered with them now for over a decade."

Many Lenovo models, such as the Lenovo G, S, E, and L series laptops, can render the typical two-channel sound of videos into 5.1-channel surround sound through headphones. A volume leveler feature locks in your preferred volume for consistent listening. With a 20-band graphic equalizer, you have complete control over the audio profile.

Several models, such as the Lenovo Y, Z, and U series and the ThinkPad® X, T, and W series of laptops, add even better dialogue clarity and make it easy to connect your Lenovo device to your home theater system.

"Consumers are very busy these days. They have busy lifestyles. I want them to feel confident that they're buying a great-quality, reliable device that adapts to their lifestyle, to their needs. Technology's available for them when they want it, when they need it."


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The Dolby difference

Dolby Audio helps Lenovo offer exceptional audio performance on a wide range of innovative and versatile devices.

Designed into the device, Dolby Audio solutions first apply processing that fixes any problems with a variety of entertainment content over the internet. They then optimize the sound for the particular device and speakers.

  • A more enveloping and realistic sound experience that brings new life to movies, music, and games.
  • Consistent volume levels. You can switch between sources or go back and forth between different content without constantly having to adjust the volume.
  • Custom tuning by Dolby engineers. Each Lenovo model delivers the optimum audio performance for its particular configuration. You'll hear natural sound over the full frequency range.

About Lenovo

Lenovo is a $34 billion personal technology company — the largest PC maker in the world and an emerging PC Plus leader. It serves customers in more than 160 countries and is dedicated to creating exceptionally engineered PCs and mobile internet devices.