Windows Licensing Program Application

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Windows Licensing Program

The Dolby® licensing program for Microsoft® Windows® provides a way to license Dolby Audio™ technologies which are included in the Windows operating system. To obtain a license agreement, please select the online application that best meets your needs. An OEM must have an agreement with Dolby prior to the shipment of any Microsoft Windows device.

  • For OEM companies making fewer than 100,000 devices annually, please fill out the questionnaire below to obtain an agreement. 
  • For OEM companies making greater than 100,000 devices annually or integrating Implementations into Licensed Products, please apply for a Dolby Windows Basic or Dolby Codec Program license on the Dolby license application form.

More information on the Dolby Windows licensing program can be found on the FAQ.


Dolby Windows Basic

This questionnaire is intended for OEM companies making fewer than 100,000 devices annually and provides a way to license the Dolby Audio™ technologies included in the Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system for a PC and its successors.


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Headquarters information

Licensing contact information

To complete the licensing for your company please do the following:

  1. Download the agreement.
  2. Sign, date, and stamp the agreement.
  3. Scan the agreement to PDF.
  4. Return the signed agreement to
  5. Please keep a copy of the agreement for your files.

Upon submission, we await your signed consent to the terms and conditions for the Dolby Basic for Windows agreement to license Dolby® technologies in Windows® in fewer than 100,000 Windows devices per year, to complete the licensing.  

Please view, read, and save the Terms and Conditions to license your company.