Standard Support for consumer licensing system development kits

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Dolby Laboratories provides technical support for Licensees of its technologies packaged in the form of development kits for integration into consumer products.

The terms here apply to the following Technologies: Dolby Car Experience, Dolby® Multistream Decoder MS12, Dolby® Multistream Decoder MS12 with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos for Home Audio, Dolby Atmos® for Audio/Video Receiver Products, Dolby Atmos Content Solutions, Dolby Speaker Technology, Dolby Atmos for Soundbar, Dolby Atmos for Home Theater, Dolby Audio Professional, Dolby TrueHD Consumer Decoder (with MAT), Dolby Atmos Core for Windows, Dolby AC-4 Consumer Decoder, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Audio for Wearables,  Dolby Audio™ for Mobile Applications, Dolby Mobile Media Solution, Dolby Audio for DMA, Dolby Codec Program, DS1 (Android™), DAX2 (Android™), DAX2 (Windows®), DAX3 (Android™) and DAX3 (Windows®).

For a description of Dolby Vision® support, please click hereAdobe PDF.

Provided Licensee has satisfied its Initial Fee obligations for the Technology set forth in the System License Agreement (the "Agreement") and met the Licensee Responsibilities described below, Licensor will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide the following technical support and maintenance (hereafter collectively "Standard Support"), in English via telephone and email during Licensor's normal business hours, as long as the Technology License has not expired or been terminated. Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement, Standard Support shall be provided for all Base Models as that term is defined below:

  • Deliverable overview: One technical overview discussion, via telephone, about the Deliverables for each Technology to explain the contents of the development kit, use of included testing and tuning tools, and requirements for developing Licensed Products.

  • Technical Q&A: Address Licensee's technical questions on implementing or integrating the Deliverables according to their specifications and meeting applicable evaluation and tuning requirements, including use of applicable APIs, sample code,
    documentation, and testing and tuning tools and methods.

  • Errors: Respond to reproducible problems with the Deliverables that prevent substantial conformance to the specifications ("Errors").

  • Licensed Product registration Q&A: Address Licensee's questions on how to use Licensor's product registration portal to register Licensed Products.

  • Evaluation submissions:
    • For Licensed Products that can be self-tested, Licensor will provide one evaluation report for each complete "Self-Test Evaluation Submission" that Licensee provides to Licensor according to the Deliverables. If a product fails, Licensor will identify the failing requirement(s) for Licensee to remedy and will further conduct and provide an additional evaluation report after Licensee's complete and correct re-submission.
    • For Licensed Products that are not self-testable, Licensor will test any Licensed Product prototypes submitted by Licensee and provide one evaluation report for each complete "Licensing Evaluation Submission" that Licensee provides to Licensor according to the Deliverables. If a product fails, Licensor will identify the failing requirement(s) for Licensee to remedy and will conduct a retest and provide an additional evaluation report after Licensee's complete and correct re-submission. Licensed Products failing to meet the requirements upon retest may be subject to a testing fee as specified in the Agreement for any further retesting. 

  • Updates: Provide Licensee with all Updates that Licensor makes generally available for the Deliverables, available via electronic download through Licensor's portal.


Licensee responsibilities

All Standard Support is contingent on Licensee's compliance with the following:

  • Licensee will request and schedule the Deliverable Overview (as described above) before Licensee's commercial shipment of a Licensed Product with the applicable Technology.

  • Licensee will integrate the Technology into Licensed Products according to the requirements and specifications in the Deliverables.

  • Licensee will demonstrate to Licensor any Errors that Licensor has not been able to independently reproduce.

  • Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement, for Licensed Products that include Licensor's audio postprocessing technology, Licensee will tune such Licensed Products to meet Licensor's requirements according to the Deliverables before submitting the Licensed Product for evaluation, which will occur before commercial shipment.

  • As set forth in the Agreement and above, Licensee will provide Licensor with complete Evaluation Submissions, including all data required by the Deliverables and a fully functional Licensed Product prototype.

  • Licensee will register each of its Licensed Products on Licensor's product registration portal, subject to the terms herein, before commercial shipment.

  • Should Licensee need technical assistance beyond Standard Support to meet its integration, tuning, and evaluation responsibilities, Licensee may purchase services from Licensor as specified in the Agreement or separately from Licensor. Licensor shall not be obligated to provide technical assistance to Licensee beyond Standard Support until Licensee provides a Purchase Order for such assistance, as applicable. 



"Base Model" means a specific model of a Licensed Product that is submitted to Licensor as being representative of a design or product family. A registered and approved Base Model can support registration and approval of any number of multiple listings. Multiple listings are Licensed Products that are substantively similar to the Base Model, built over the same Implementation as its Base Model and with the same topology.

"Tuning Profile" means the parameter presets that configure Dolby Audio Processing technologies for different content types and listening environments.


Warranty and Disclaimer

Licensor will provide Standard Support in a professional manner in accordance with generally accepted industry standards. Licensor's sole liability and Licensee's sole remedy for Licensor's breach of this warranty is for Licensor to re-perform the Standard Support. EXCEPT AS SET FORTH HEREIN, LICENSOR MAKES NO WARRANTIES ABOUT THE STANDARD SUPPORT, DELIVERABLES (INCLUDING UPDATES) OR ANY PART THEREOF, AND HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT.



Any corrections, additions, or modifications to the Deliverables delivered hereunder, including without limitation any Updates, will be deemed part of the Deliverables and subject to all of the provisions of the Agreement.

Capitalized terms not defined herein are as defined in the Deliverables or the Agreement.

Implementation test fixture requirements

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