Dolby Statement

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Statement Regarding the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0

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Since its founding in 1965, Dolby Laboratories (“Dolby") has been a leader in developing innovative audio and video signal processing and compression technologies. Dolby has brought successive generations of innovation to the market, beginning in analog sound reduction and continuing to fully immersive entertainment experiences delivered to consumers in the cinema, through broadcast, streaming, and across a spectrum of consumer products today. Dolby further contributes its groundbreaking innovations to a variety of collaborative and open standards.

In light of this history, Dolby recognizes the May 23, 2023 statement from the Alliance for Open Media, which acknowledges the freedom of innovators such as Dolby to negotiate mutually agreeable terms for a license to their valuable AV1 patent portfolios. As such, Dolby reiterates and affirms that it has never accepted, and does not intend to be bound by, the AOM Patent License 1.0.

Dolby offers its valuable AV1 essential patent portfolio through collaborative, multi-party, patent pool license programs alongside the intellectual property of other innovators whose patents are essential to AV1. (For more details, see here.) In addition, Dolby is willing to negotiate bilateral licenses on mutually agreed terms that would be memorialized in duly executed written contracts.

We look forward to continuing to provide groundbreaking solutions to the marketplace for the benefit of manufacturers, consumers, and the ecosystem at large.