Hear it from the artists


"Music can speak the unspoken"
Dive into Coldplay’s creative explorations and mission to connect people through music. Dolby shares this mission and is using Dolby Atmos Music to build strong bonds between artists, their music, and fans.

J. Balvin

"I've never heard music like this. I love it."


Step inside the mind of J Balvin as he experiences Dolby Atmos Music for the first time and expresses the color palette of his unique sound. “Dolby Atmos lets you feel the layers of music. You can feel the layers of the gradients in the colors.”


"It's an experience. This is the future of music."


Catch the spirit with Lizzo. Find out how Lizzo reacts when she experiences Dolby Atmos Music for the first time and pull up a stool for an intimate conversation about what drives her as an artist.


"It feels like how it should sound."


YACHT discusses how Dolby Atmos Music expands their creative palette and opens up new possibilities for immersive music.

Music Producer series

"It reevaluates the way I look at music production."


Check out “The Art of Dolby Atmos: Music Producers” series on YouTube to discover how music artistslike deadmau5, Solarstone, Metrik, Flux Pavilion, and more, create, remix, and remaster their tracks using the innovative Dolby Atmos technology.