Everyone has a story to tell. Create in Dolby Vision, now on the full iPhone 12 lineup.

Dolby is empowering all content creators to tell their best story with the same imaging technology used by leading filmmakers.

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What do the world's top storytellers, filmmakers, and creatives all have in common? They tell their stories in the ultravivid picture of Dolby Vision® to help audiences see what they see and feel what they feel, to create a lasting connection.

Since 2015, consumers have enjoyed their favorite entertainment — from blockbuster movies to premium episodic content — in the unmatched visual quality, color, contrast, and detail of Dolby Vision. Currently, millions of cinemas and TVs, mobile devices, and PCs are enabled with Dolby Vision.

Now for the first time ever, on any device in the world, anyone can record, edit, watch, and share videos in the ultravivid picture of Dolby Vision, natively on iPhone 12 models. There's nothing to enable and no settings to adjust.


For filmmakers sharing their story with the world, travelers documenting the beauty of nature, or parents capturing highlights of the school art show, now it’s easy to capture and deliver these moments in the true-to-life color and depth of Dolby Vision, setting the new standard for content captured on smartphones.


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In collaboration with other leading industry innovators, we have a history of building technology ecosystems that enable consistent, spectacular entertainment experiences. We collaborate to implement seamless, efficient, and cost-effective ways to deliver these experiences across diverse platforms and devices.

The future for high-fidelity, user-generated content is here. Millions of people are now able to record, edit, watch, and share videos in Dolby Vision on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, empowering everyone with the same tech used by top filmmakers.


Contact us to learn more about enabling a Dolby experience in your content, platform, app, or device.