Dealer Testimonial — Cloud Industries

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Years of experience in providing the right solution

Chuck Shoemaker, and his wife Mary, own and operate Cloud Industries—a leading installer of theater stages and drapes. They assist customers looking to set up theaters for the first time as well as those looking to remodel or convert buildings into theaters. Based out of Missouri, they have been in the business for generations and in that time have worked with customers both near and far, and of all sizes. Chuck’s team work very closely with exhibitors to understand their needs and provide them with properly designed solutions of the highest quality that both align with their customers’s goals and budgets. They also educate exhibitors on the benefits or trade-offs they would be making so they get the appropriate solution within budget. Dolby Auditorium Packages are bundled to provide considerable cost savings and come with an optional low-cost extended warranty. Together, these significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.


With a background in manufacturing, Chuck focuses on quality and the support that the vendor provides after a purchase. Once the theaters they service are operational, they can’t afford to be offline, especially with brand new equipment. To minimize downtime, Cloud Industries turn to Dolby to provide their customers with high-quality, post-installation service. Dolby’s one-stop customer support team is available to help with every aspect of the technology.

“The quality control on Dolby’s product lines is very good. But in those rare instances where a product may have problems, it’s all about getting that product out and getting the customer up and running fast. Exhibitors want to be operational and stay that way—they don't want to be offline, especially with brand new products.”

Auditorium Packages tailored to the exhibitors’ needs and budget

With Dolby’s Auditorium Packages, the Cloud Industries team can easily choose the right solution for a customer’s budget and allow them to efficiently work with customers to achieve their budget and goals. This allows them to recommend the appropriately tailored solution for every room in an exhibitor’s auditorium. What’s more, the products are quality tested in multiple configurations in Dolby’s own engineering labs to ensure the highest quality and reliability.


Double D is one of the most recognized trademarks in the world

For more than 50 years, Dolby has been synonymous with quality picture and sound. This has become one of the top reasons why people choose which theater they go to. For Cloud Industries, brand recognition, coupled with quality and customer support, make Dolby one of
the go-to manufacturers when considering installation options for their customers. When they talk to their exhibitor partners, they see a spike in attendance in rooms outfitted with Dolby Atmos —an immersive, object-based audio technology, where sounds can be individually placed in space allowing listeners to hear sounds coming from all around them, even overhead. According to Chuck, in the post-pandemic world, there has been a big difference in ticket sales for premium format houses like Dolby Cinema. 
“When an exhibitor says they don’t have the budget for Dolby Atmos. I would say to them two things. These days we need to give the theater customer a picture and sound experience they can’t get at home —and Dolby Atmos immersive sound system, does just that. Also, to keep in mind that the Dolby Double “D” trademark is one of the most recognizable in the world. All home TVs and sound systems have it on them. It just means quality –why not take advantage of that?”