June 10, 2020

A letter to the exhibition industry

Doug Darrow

On behalf of everyone at Dolby, I want to express our ongoing commitment to the cinema industry. We believe that shared experiences bring people closer together and authentic storytelling leads to more empathy in the world.
Due to COVID-19, many in our industry have faced hardships and dealt with the difficult thoughts around what is next for moviegoing. Our industry has always been resilient when facing challenges and this one will be no exception. 
In addition to helping communities globally, we’ve proudly supported the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation to benefit cinema employees currently out of work. We also joined the Lionsgate Live and #MoviesTogether initiatives, rallying to keep movie lovers entertained while we all await cinemas reopening and we can once again experience movies as a community on the big screen.
Today, we are excited to welcome you to our new Dolby Professional Site. With our industry constantly evolving, we wanted to provide a resource to all of you – the people who are working to get us back into theaters safely. 
Here, you will find expert advice from Dolby about our cinema products. This includes instructions on how to bring your cinema equipment back online after a long shut down. You will also find valuable, general information for rebooting your cinema booth. And for those of you who need additional guidance, we will continue to provide online trainings. In the coming weeks, you will see more content including interviews with the some of the industry’s finest.
We look forward to working together to help bring back the magic of the movies and to the opportunity to see you all again at industry events. Until then, I wish you and your families good health.
Doug Darrow
SVP, Cinema Business Group, Dolby Laboratories