Dolby Support

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Dolby Customer portal

Dolby Customer provides access to a variety of business tools tailored to the Dolby® products and technologies relevant to you and your business, including the support tools listed below. Visit Dolby Customer or watch our tutorial on how to use the portal.

Dolby Deliverables on Demand

Dolby Deliverables on Demand provides entitled deliverables for licensing and product customers. Development kits for licensing customers and software and firmware for broadcast products are available here.

Support and Maintenance Policies

Read Dolby's policies for support and maintenance license kits here.

Professional engineering services

Dolby provides a variety of professional engineering services to assist consumer playback device OEMs and IC implementation providers so they can integrate and test Dolby technologies in their products.  If you have a particular need or would like to know more, please inquire.


Dolby Professional Support Help Center

The Dolby Professional Support Help Center consists of our self-help knowledge base and forums. Here users can find articles and discussions on a wide range of Dolby technologies and products.

Contact us

If you have a specific question, you can also contact us via email for support.