Dolby Content Services

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Consultants from Dolby support directors, exhibitors, and other industry professionals to deliver the best possible sound experience to audiences worldwide. From soundtrack mastering to on-site support at film festivals, Dolby Content Services knows what it takes to ensure top-quality sound for your movies.

The experts in cinema sound

If you work in film, you know the importance of audio post-production. Great sound elevates the cinema experience, and it should never be left to chance.

But even a perfect studio mix can falter on its way to the theater. Dolby® Content Services offers the assurance that what you hear in the final mix makes it to the theater — and to your audience — intact.

Dolby pioneered multichannel sound and immersive audio for the cinema and has contributed to numerous technical standards, including those for picture and sound synchronization and audio reference levels. The Dolby Content Services team draws on this technical expertise and the experience that comes from assisting thousands of filmmakers on thousands of movies.


Theatrical soundtrack mastering

Dolby motion picture sound formats now include Dolby® Digital 5.1, Dolby® Surround 7.1, and Dolby Atmos®. To ensure that soundtracks using these formats replay consistently in theaters worldwide as envisioned by the director, Dolby has established standardized sound replay conditions for mixing studios and cinemas.

Dolby theatrical soundtracks are created by Dolby certified studios. To assist studios and filmmakers, Dolby has a team of more than 50 consultants across the globe delivering dubbing theater alignment, workflow consultation, and Printmaster support to ensure accurate translation to cinemas.

To create a Dolby theatrical soundtrack for your feature film and utilize Dolby branding on the promotional material, enter the details of the feature film in one of the following forms:

For Printmasters in North America or the UK, please enter details here.

For Printmasters outside of these areas, please enter details here.


Dolby Certified Studios

The purpose of the Dolby certification program is to provide an industry-recognized mark of technical excellence for the creation of Dolby Atmos content for cinema. Dolby Atmos theatrical studio certification is confirmation to clients of the capability and quality of a dubbing studio, and that soundtracks produced will be faithfully reproduced in cinemas worldwide.

A mix room needs to achieve Dolby Atmos Feature Studio Certification, including associated technical requirements, processes, and fees, to gain access to the software to mix and master in theatrical Dolby Atmos.

For more information contact Dolby here.

Historically, Dolby has offered a Dolby Premier Studio Certification level. A list of studios that meet the Dolby Premier level is here.



Whether it’s a private event or opening night, you want every screening to be a success. Dolby Content Services provides the support necessary to ensure that all your presentations meet the highest standards for picture and sound.


Sound Calibration

Dolby pioneered multichannel sound and immersive audio in the cinema, and our experience handling all sound formats is unrivaled. Working within the capabilities of a venue's sound system, we calibrate playback for optimum results.


Picture Calibration

In addition to calibrating audio playback, Dolby Content Services consultants can also check the cinema picture to see whether it meets industry standards for brightness and color balance. We also verify that the image is correctly framed, focused and in perfect sync with the soundtrack.


Support for Film Festivals

A film festival presents technical and logistical challenges for organizers and participants alike. The Dolby Content Services team provides comprehensive support to festivals worldwide, including the Tribeca, Sundance, Berlin International (Berlinale), Venice International Film Festivals, SXSW and the Festival de Cannes.


Discover state-of-the-art screening rooms where filmmakers and professionals create and showcase their work. Deliver your story your way using our sound and image facilities to hold private events or to create, review, and screen content.


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